Erasmus+ Course

Teaching Healthy Living in Schools

Through increased regular fitness activity, healthier food habits, and emotional well-being, inspiring healthy lifestyles can contribute to a healthier, happier existence. We want to spread the message that “being active, eating healthy, and being emotionally balanced” is a good idea.

We believe that if people learn to live well, their lives and society as a whole will be improved. We employ an engaging and thrilling range of activities and experiences to strengthen participants’ repertoire of information on how to inspire learners to pursue healthy lifestyles in their daily routine, so that they can create healthy habits that will follow them throughout their lives.

This course is for participants of any specialization who want to expand their repertoire of teaching strategies and ideas for motivating students to live healthy lifestyles.

Participants will get familiar with activities that they can adopt to promote healthy lifestyle habits in their participants within and outside the classroom setting through experiential activities and a variety of pedagogic strategies (e.g. lecture, field visits, laboratory activities).

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