Erasmus+ Courses

It’s not the plan that’s important… it’s the planning!

Environmental Education and Education for Sustainable Development in Schools

Environmental education (EE) helps connect us to the world around us by teaching us about natural as well as built environments and raising our consciousness about issues that impact the environment we all depend on, as well as ways we can improve and protect it...

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Teaching Healthy Living in Schools

Through increased regular fitness activity, healthier food habits, and emotional well-being, inspiring healthy lifestyles can contribute to a healthier, happier existence...

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Learning to code through robotics

Robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science) is a training course that promotes the role and contribution of robotics and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Science) in learning...

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Classroom Management for challenging behaviors

The most prevalent use of applied behavior analysis (ABA) in special education classrooms is to treat behavioural difficulties among special needs pupils...

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Integrating minority, migrant & refugee children in schools and society

The training is designed to help participants (teachers, educators, youth mentors, and VET trainers) deal with learners from refugee backgrounds who often lack language skills or are traumatized by war, preventing them from fully integrating into their "new" home.

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Emotional intelligence for children

According to studies, our emotional intelligence accounts for 80% of our achievement. Knowing, understanding, and applying emotional intelligence in everyday life is a valuable "treasure" for kids, teachers, and parents. 

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